CBSE Social Science Class IV | Sample Paper -1 |


CBSE Social Science Class IV | Sample Paper -1 |


Time: 3 hour

Subject- Social Science M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

  1. Tick the correct option-                                     10
  2. The soil formed by the river deposition is-
  • Red soil (ii) Alluvial soil                   (iii) Black soil
  1. The city located at the triveni Sangam is
  • Lucknow             (ii) Delhi                               (iii) Allahabad
  1. The highest peak of the plateau region is-
  • Doddabetta             (ii) Mahendragiri               (iii) Anamudi
  1. The river that drains the west coast is
  • Narmada             (ii) Kaveri                             (iii) Mahanadi
  1. The Andaman and Nicobar Island are known as-
  • Emerold Islands (ii) Coral Islands                 (iii) Plains
  1. Plants that can with stand by condition are known as-
  • Conifers             (ii) Xerophytes                    (iii) Mangroves
  1. Sunderbans are the home of the-
  • Deer             (ii) Bengal tiger                   (iii) Rhinocoros
  1. The forest found along the coastal regions are
  • Evergreen             (ii) Tiolal                               (iii) Desert
  1. The Chilka lake is in the state of-
  • Kerala (ii) Orissa                              (iii) Karnataka
  1. The Plateau which lies between vindhya and Satpura range is-
  • Chota Nagpur (ii) Malwa                            (iii) Deccon
  1. Fill in the blanks-                                                 10
  • The _____, the_____ and the_____ border the southern plateau on three slides.
  • The Western Ghats are known as _____in Maharashtra.
  • The_____ canal brings water from river Sathy to Rajasthan.
  • River _____is the only reasonal river that runs through Rajasthan.
  • Crescent shaped sand dunes are called _____.
  • _____Is the topmost layer of the earth’s surface.
  • _____ is the tidal forest found in the Gangetie Deefa.
  • The Ashoka Chakra has _____ spokes.
  • The White colour in the national flag indicated peace and _____.
  • Lotus is an _____ plant.
  1. State True and False-                                                                                                 5
  • Tiger is an endangered species.
  • Our National flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya.
  • The approximate time of playing or singing the national Anthem in 56 seconds.
  • There is a cow and bull at the base of our National Emblem.
  • Lotus grows in Shallow muddy water.
  1. Give reasons-                                                                         8
  • The Northerm palin is densely populated.
  • The Gangetic palin is known as the food Bowl of India.
  • Rajasthani men wear turbans to cover their head.
  • Camels are could the ship of the desert.
  1. Name the following-                                                             4
  • The three divisions of the plateau region.
  • Two rivers which flow westward into the Arabian Sea.
  • The two hill ranges that flank the deacon plateau.
  • The highest waterfall of India and the river that forms it.
  1. Define the following-                                     3
  • A river basin ii-  A Tributary        iii-  A Distributary.
  1. Short Answer the question(Any 9)-             18
  • Name the three rivers that form the Triveni Sangam.
  • Name the three divisions of the Northern fertile plow?
  • What is the Plateau?
  • Which is the second highest peak of the Western Ghats?
  • Name the largest lagoon of India and the state where it is found?
  • What type of climate the coastal plain experience?
  • Name the Great Indian Desert?
  • Name the different types of sand dunes found in the Thar Desert.
  • Write two uses of Forest?
  • Name any two organization set up for the conservation of wild life?
  1. Long Answer the question(Any 4)-                         16
  • What is a delta? Name the largest delta in the world? Where is it located?
  • Differentiate between the Himalayan Rivers and plateau rivers?
  • What are the causes of soil erosion? Mention any two method of soil conservation?
  • Write a short note on our National animal?
  • Why was lotus selected as the National flower?


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