CBSE English Class VII | Sample Paper -1 |


CBSE English Class VII | Sample Paper -1 |


Time: 3 hour

Subject- English M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

  1. Write the meaning of these words:         2

Oration, smog, plenty, mauve


  1. Answer the following Question.[any six]         12
  • Who was the man waiting for and why?
  • How did griffin escape from the London store?
  • Describe Mowgli in your own words.
  • What did the nightingale want to do with the worm?
  • What does a curtain raiser do in a cultural programe?
  • Why was teacher doubtful about Meena’s participation in a play?
  • Why were the two boys in London surprised?


  1. Tick the right option:         4
  • Bob was …..
  • A businessman b- criminal     c- A cloth merchant
  • The swallow dropped on the table beside the woman ‘s hand
  • A great golden feather
  • A lovely diamond                            c- the great ruby
  • “The gires froze” froze here means that the girls-
  • Felt cool
  • Were afraid c- Stopped
  • The air was bitterly cold and he could not do-
  • Without clothes
  • Without dress c- Without money


  1. Complete the following. 4
  • The whole day long nightingale …………
  • Let me call them to come …………. with me.
  • A fresh __________ appeared from nowhere.
  • I can see a young man in a ________ attic.


  1. State whether the given statement is true or false: 4
  • Meenu stood up saliently in the classroom.
  • In the final encounter one of them was Salim khan and the other Hussain.
  • Bob recognized Jimmy as soon as he saw him.
  • Griffin’s landlord liked him.


  1. Who said the following statement: 4
  • I am going to the house of death-
  • Ah! My friend and countryman-
  • You know the Turkish language.
  • What do you do? You ask what you can do


  1. Write the antonyms of the following. 2

Criminal, Companion, wisdom, descended

  1. Name the following. 4
  • Name the precious stone in the eyes of the happy prince___
  • Name the precious stone in the handle of the sword______
  • Name the place where the swallow was going_____
  • Name the article that the little girl was selling______


  1. Match the words: 4
  • Escape [a] to act upon
  • Affect [b] angry
  • Furious [c] chance
  • Opportunity [d] to avoid


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