CBSE Board Social Science Class IX | Sample Paper -1 |


CBSE Social Science Class IX | Sample Paper -1 |


Time: 3 hour

Subject- Social Science M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

  1. Answer the following very short questions from 1 to 9 (1 mark each)
  • How much is the total area of India?
  • Which is the largest delta of the world ?
  • Name the two head streams of the Ganga.
  • Give the titles of the books written by –
  1. Rousseau Charlas Montesquieu
  • Name the two philosophers who fouverd socialism.
  • Define democracy.
  • What is multiple croping ?
  • What are secondary activities?
  • What is preamble ?


  1. Answer the following short questions from 10 to 20.(3 marks each)
  • Why has the 8201/2 E been selected as the standard meridian of India?
  • Why the rivers are considered the lifelines of human civilization?
  • Which period of France is referred as reign of Terror? Give reasons.
  • Mention any three causes of the Russion revolution .


Mention any four features of Najism.

  • Explain the three features of democracy.
  • Mention all Fundamental Rights.
  • What is the importance of green revolution for the India economy?
  • What is unemployment? State any two effects on society.
  • Name the countries which are larger than India.
  • What is state list? Give two subjects which come under state list.
  • What is production? Write any two features of land as a factor of production.
  1. Answer the questions from 22 to 27 within 120 words.(5 marks each)
  • India is often referred to as a subcontinent. Give reasons.
  • Write short notes on the following .
  1. The India Desert. The island groups of India.
  • Discuss the significant difference between the Himalayan and the Peninsular Rivers.
  • Explain the role of thinkers and philosophers in the French revolution.


Explain the social of Hitler or Nazis.

  • What are the difficulties people face in non-democratic country ? Give examples.
  • India is a sovereign, socialist secular democratic, republic. Explain.
  • What is the importance of electricity for rural India?
  1. Map base questions

On an outline map of India show the following. (1 marks each)

  1. Coromadel Coast Lake Sambhar       c. The Thar desert



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