CBSE Board Business Studies Class XII | Sample Paper -1 |


CBSE Board Business Studies Class XII | Sample Paper -1 |


Time: 3 hour

Subject- Business Studies M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

  1. Mention one importance of coordination.                                               1
  2. At which level of management are the managers responsible for maintaining the quality of output and the safety standards? 1
  3. When is a corrective action required in controlling? 1
  4. Why is it said that the supervisors are a link between management and the operative employees? 1
  5. Define planning premises? 1
  6. Your father is working in an MNC as a COO. At what level of management is he working?                                                           1
  7. Which Component of business environment requires that in every packet of cigarette there must be a horrified picture and a statutory warning?                                                                                                         1
  8. Why the recruitment is called positive process?                                   1
  9. Explain the steps required in the process of controlling? 3
  10. Define planning list any three limitations of planning. 3
  11. Explain the features of new economic policy 1991. 3
  12. What is meant by management as an art? 3
  13. Management is multidimensional. Explain. 3
  14. Coordination is not a separate function of management. It is the essence of management. Explain                                                                4
  15. Explain the scientific principles of management. 4
  16. What are the steps in the process of planning? 4
  17. Differentiate between formal and informal organization? 4
  18. What are the functions of supervisor? 4
  19. Name the training method in which                                                4
  • A newly appointed employee is acquainted with the organization.
  • Trainee learns under the guidance of a master works.
  • Trainee learns on the dummy equipments he/she will be using.
  • Name the method of recruitment for skilled worked.
  1. Explain the Maslow’s need hierarchy theory. 5
  2. Leaders in xyz co. Consult their subordinates and encourage them to participate before taking decisions joint management committees exit in the company where employees are in valued in decision making issues related to them while controlling the performance of employees their actual performance is compared with the standard and some deviations are revealed. But in spite of these deviations, no corrective action is required.                     5
  3. Identify the style of leadership adopted in this company.
  4. Which non-financial incentive is used here for providing motivation to employees?
  • In spite of the deviations, corrective action is not taken by the company. Why?
  1. State any two values which the leader wants to communicate to the society by his work and behavior?
  2. Explain any five types of non-monetary incentives. 5
  3. Explain the following. 6
  • Equity
  • Remuneration of employees
  • Esprit De corps
  1. Explain the points which highlight the importance principles of management.                     6


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